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eaglemoss delorean all issues

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Do we know yet the status of the Doctor Who or Solar System collection? I will keep an eye on this for any developments. IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not affiliated with PCT/IXO, Eaglemoss, or Fanhome I am just another builder like yourselves. No word if it will ever come out. keep up the work in keeping us informed. The Eaglemoss DB5 was not made by PCT/IXO. Hello James, In Japan they never had any problems (as far as I know). We cant carry on the instruction, so we recommend you cancel the current Direct Debit from Eaglemoss. However, by the end of February 2023, they plan to offer these customers a credit based on how much of the build was undelivered. EagleMoss Ltd But this is definitely the news weve all been waiting for. DOCTOR WHO FIGURINE COLLECTION ISSUE 210 DREAM LORD (#394447474660) i***r . If necessary, however, the subscription can be suspended or cancelled at any time. Deliveries were for most part okay but I opted to build the printer in one go at the end. Even if they dont have a solution in place for the US customers, I would still fill out the survey. [protected] Ah thanks for the info thats 20 stages worth of saved! Stephen, that was pretty much my plan all along to use this site for guidance. Youll receive details and prices in advance so you can tell us if you dont wish to receive these. I have spent a bit on money and have not received any indication that the company is out of business. Total 59.99 GBP Dates on when we start deliveries for these three collections has not yet been confirmed. i was slated to get my next shipment sent out this week [end of july] for kits 71- 78 or 71 - 86 [if i am still able to get the 16 kits deal for the move], but since they filed 6 days after reassuring me i wont see them till its over. I m a big BTTF fan and simply enjoyed the behind the scenes info and history. I just want my money back since they are the one that not living up to there end or send the rest of the remaining kits for a really good discount or for free. No changes have been made to the running order or production of the parts. It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet. WonderfulThis is so frustrating. If people dont buy, they will stop making them for sure. since its their FIRST bankruptcy they cant be sued. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Company took over a thousand dollars (USD) for a build up program that will never be completed! Wow this company has the worst customer service ever. The website is live, but its just a coming soon/notify situation. It was recognised by my PC & partial calibration was possible, the next issue involved a software update which worked successfully but after this the connection to the PC was intermittent & any commands sent were just queued. For more than 15 years we have helped nearly 50000 customers resolve their issues and will never stop striving to ensure further improvements on our platform for a better communication between companies and customers. Must be having problems with the web site no new info yet. Fanhome/DeAg is a separate company and are under NO obligation to provide the same service agreements that may have existed in the past. I am on issue 82 of the Enterprise and had only built through 60 because I was so sad over the Eaglemoss news. [protected]@gmail.com please and thank you. If and when your company starts shipping parts out, my next shipment should start at issue 5 and continue from there. Hey! Many thanks to MarvelPhx for keeping everyone informed. Those emails are likely long gone, and Im guessing Im far from the only one who doesnt have that information. Can I just say Thank you to MARVELPHX real quick. Have emailed again no date what a joke for 1500 model They are pushing them everyday and are aware of how people are anxious to get their parts. However, I doubt EM made the magazines for the Enterprise D parts much past Stage 82 or 86. Both the Orrey and Orbiter were 52 kits each. I started this subscription two years ago, and just want to complete my collection, Desired outcome: one company is PCT who has expressed that they are working to restore shipments for any model IP they own now. Apparently, they are way better in the UK. Next step i will file a criminal complaint for fraud. Opens in a new window or tab. current updates: https://mypartworks.com/blog/eaglemoss-update/. please wait for them to finish the process. Eaglemoss stole my money. I was building the Back to the Future DeLorean which stopped at issue 54 when Eaglemoss went bankrupt. Weve created and selected several special items (scale models, exclusively commissioned art prints, collector items, etc.) ~Don W. three things here The stock one I was building was provided to me by Eaglemoss to do their official build guides, so that will not be continued. Does anybody know if the site is online yet? I did indeed receive this email in the US, but emails are international. Dankeschn und Empfehlung! "If, as reported, there are 130 issues, it's ludicrous - you can buy a car . Ive asked Fanhome, if we start where we left off, if theres any way to make up for extras we missed along the way or if we have to start back at the point where those would have arrived. . I am also hearing that a toll-free number is being setup to take questions/orders, as well as an option to order all of the needed parts in a single purchase or as monthly deliveries. This comment was posted by a verified customer. Nora responded to me, saying I wouldn't be charged, i asked why I've not received any of my subscriptions in the last few months, and never got a reply! Then, perhaps a issue by issue purchase option. Issue 159 includes a 96-page printed guide and a fabric car cover! Its been a life line to sanity. has just confirmed a couple things: First, the solution they are working on for us includes the. I have also seen that Ian Campbell at Partwork Upgrades has set up a new Partwork Distribution website to cater to us builders and forward issues out as a service. Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson), former Director at Eaglemoss, dropped a vague tweet today hinting at October being a good month for Eaglemoss products: Today, the IXO marketing department sent an email to a small group of Eaglemoss partwork customers: I spoke to PCT/IXO about it and I wanted to add some additional context. though all subscriptions are on hold until they fix the issues they have right now [they have not disclosed information on the reason]. https://mypartworks.com/blog/eaglemoss-update/, How do I get the parts to finish my build? i haven't seen any info on them since the 9th where i was told the end of this month is when the shipments resume. Second, BAC Compton from Fanhome has released some new information today: Wanted to let you know the current plan for tomorrow (31stJan) in relation to the four collections taken on from Eaglemoss. There should have been something that can be done. WHAT A WASTE! DeAgostini supplied the Eaglemoss DeLorean to the Japanese market, so the connection between them on this partwork makes sense. I'm all for a Class action on this one! I did the original 1.95 started kit on 04-25-2022. Eventually I requested a refund & was told to return my printer so that it could be checked at the factory who would repair & test and return it to me once any issues that I had resolved or a replacement sent out to me. normally they send 2 emails. i have been sending updates here since i found out about them going under. Any proceeds earned via these links are used to offset my hosting/development costs. The delay was due to a few final licensing and technical issues. CHEERS! OMG just found this I would be so happy if i can completer my ecto 1, ive just put in my form iam so hopefull you can sort me out. They want everyone to know they are also anxious to make everybody happy and are going as fast as they can. I agree. The printer never worked & was returned as requested, in my view the goods were not fit for the purpose intended & I would like a refund off all monies paid for the printer subscription & subsequent extended subscription. Immer wieder gern!!! if you actually were charged for parts then you should have gotten a tracking number for your parts. They expect it to be available either the end of this week or early next week. I checked the mypartworks updates and found this info for you though. to make them rely pop and I was so worried I had wasted thousands of dollars!! Desired outcome: Go to Page top BUILD, EXTENSION Issue 158 June 14, 2021 We install the Railroad Wheels on our DeLorean and place it on the Track display in Issue 158! Send me the parts that I have paid for. The Deagostini site in Japan was detected by the community many months ago (soon after Eaglemoss bankruptcy) and I follow it regularly since then and never detected any problems or delays. Will you pick up my Direct Debit (UK) instruction from Eaglemoss? As one of the many Eaglemoss victims you have my full appreciation and i senserely hope PCT and Fanhome appreciate your hard work as well!!! 5.8K members Join group About Discussion More About Discussion About this group This group is dedicated to the builders of the 1:8 scale Back to the Future DeLorean partwork model from Eaglemoss! Please give them time to sort out the mess and get back to us. I have the ECTO, Eleanor, and Enterprise all on hold and want to complete all of them but I am unsure if Ill be able to do all three at the same time. Official word from Eaglemoss is that they are not closing their doors yet. Well, I think they will stay up as long as they keep making money. Click here to get notifications about new complaints of Eaglemoss. Hi I have been collecting part for ghostbusters car I had a problem last year for over two month with no part they a problem with payments your end. Something went wrong. Refund and/or all remaking kits needed to complete build. I have subscribed to a number of partworks over the years but none have been as bad as the Eaglemoss 3D Create & Print to build a 3D printer. Kevin just use this site for your build its is much more detailed than the magazine. We hope to be offering this service soon. PCT/IXO is the company responsible for the manufacture of most of the Eaglemoss partworks, including the Back to the Future DeLorean, Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and U.S.S. Art. Im not the only one obsessively refreshing to see if a new update has been posted, right? Im in Spain, if you need anything just let me know. TIP: Since the survey is presented via Google Forms, you will need a valid Google account to complete it. At this point they dont even have and idea whats out there .Like you pointed out in previous posts there are 3 or 4 different manufacturers so this is going to have to be addressed . Then I was charged 65.40 on 05-12-2022 , 65.40 on 06-06-2022 and 130.80 on 06-21-2022. Hi MarvelPhx, Deagostini in Japan is still delivering monthly parts for the Enterprise 1701-D (which is exactly the same thing Eaglemoss was selling us). This came in real handy when screwing in the tiny black screws. So in theory Ive already paid for these. Im at Issue 6 no way can I afford to purchase 124-125 issues all at once. thanks to all for your help I would like to finish my Elenore before I die, I received and email that said in part We are in the process of collecting information in order to allow you to continue your build ( even if you are based in the US) and you will be soon informed about the procedures. Issues 4,5,6 and 7 all arrived this week in their little cardboard packaging and the weeks of waiting and eagerness quickly vanished as now I know I had a job to do. Their answer is that they dont know yet. Hi MarvelPhx. Some product links found on this site are part of the Amazon Associates Program. Seller I am a subscriber to Astronomy magazine. Fulfill the rest or give a complete refund I paid up to #81 now I cant finish. Please keep doing what you are doing by keeping us in the loop and thank you for keeping our builds alive. . Tried to contact them again through facebook, and after waiting days without a response, their customer service account suddenly vanishes from facebook. Or atleast the opportunity to get my money back or to complete this kit! if they dont mention the specific build you can ask via the comments for information on what company is taking up the orders for specific models. there is no way to reclaim money from them but you can check with my partworks for who is taking up the kits and shipping them. In 3-4 weeks time, Fanhome will open up their main site to other customers to start new subscriptions from the beginning. That is why myself and others have been sharing the link as wide as possible. I just got a pile of junk sitting in my hobby room. Or? Thank you for your time and effort doing this. Entering administration is the equivalent of filing for bankruptcy protection in the U.S. . Sadly, we wont be able to ship any free items after your starting issue. It is an expensive extension, but it is not mandatory. Hello, There is no way I can buy it all at once. give them time to figure out their stuff. eaglemoss build the back to the future delorean. 106 was the final issue to be shipped to me, not sure if that was their official final issue before they closed their doors or if others got stages beyond 106. Hello Marvel, Definitely all of us in the community are indebted to you. You should share your information with IXO, not me. Will you be offering any special items with this collection? PCT/IXO is in no way responsible for monies/parts owed by EM. Which is super frustrating!!! For a few issues, I saw an add for a company that is selling what looks like the one from Eaglemoss. As such, they are now worthless pieces of junk. No materials from this website may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way. No idea just yet. The survey asks for your name, address, country, which partwork models you were building, the respective Eaglemoss account numbers, and which was the last issue/stage received for each model. 10 Mar 2022 01:42:09 PST I need to hear something about this ASAP, Desired outcome: Im owed a free item that Eaglemoss never sent, can you send it to me? Free delivery for many products! It must be one very sophisticated web site to take this long. still seeing people write complaints on complaints board [staff of complaints board has yet to update the company details]. If I cannot, I want a refund please. My last shipment was for issue 4, and the next shipment was the proton packs. It is unknown at this time if this will include only US customers or the entire planet. this is the only information everyone has on the situation. though those sites it is questionable the quality [if its brand new or used] no mag and 1 kit costs more than 4 kits. It may take until early next year, but be patient and be hopeful. Nothing. it will be really sad to not finish. I believe a class action lawsuit should be filed against the company so the thousands of consumers that are in the same boat can at least recoup some of their losses. DeLorean USA No change for now, this will be pre-order only until further notice. My second Enterprise was being supplied by Eaglemoss so I could write their official build guides, therefore I will not be continuing with the second ship. I was literally two parts/issues away from the Ecto-1 being finished, paid premium subscription and yearly. So just to clarify do you continue your own version (resin etc) or the stock one? It will take time to get the lines up and running again. I now understand the company filed for bankruptcy. Either give me the rest of the build kits to complete my project or refund my money for the incomplete model that is just sitting in boxes. For builders with unfinished Willys Jeep, GT-R, or 300SL partwork models, PCT will be creating discount codes worth the amount of the stages you already have. We do plan to offer the premium items and specials for each of the collections. I am owed a special item that Eaglemoss never dispatched, can you send it to me? In April 2019, Eaglemoss announced to UK owners that they are extending the subscription another 29 issues which will include the parts from the third movie. The issue #3 came in broken and they told me basically to bad purchase it again, I should have known then it was a bad company, Desired outcome: i haven't seen kits since oct of last year but i am waiting for what the next step is from them. Again, thank you. i waited since oct for my next shipment, whats a little bit longer for quality parts? We are only offering a monthly subscription plan for these collections currently. We are only going to be offering a standard sub to start with, when premium is ready (still working with the licensor on some aspects of the collection) we will let any new customers know how to upgrade. MarvelPhx you said 7 months they been down.. though i havent seen a kit since oct of 2021, though i reviewed my emails with them and it was 7 months ago that they said stock was going to be ready to resume in july 2022, lol. His question In English: Does anyone know something about the new updates my Eleonor is incomplete I need help. Do you have any idea who the manufacturer is? this is the best info on this situation that i can give. Received the PTC/IXO email today. Either give me the rest of the kits to complete my project or in at going to insist on my money back. In many countries, it was available for purchase directly at local newsagents. There is no way to even get the remaining kits or contact eagle moss for refunds. This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Fanhome currently can only ship to the UK/US/Germany. Maybe theres a surplus of binders for sale out there? Eaglemoss, one of the longest-running "partworks" companies in the business, has reportedly closed its doors. How do I get a subscription for the db5 model? However, still no ETA on this new site going live just yet. Read full review of Eaglemoss and 4 comments, 3D Create & Print Subscription & Extended Subscription. Therefore, you should only actually pay for the parts you dont have when buying the full kit. I am interested in finishing the build I am almost halfway done. At this point in the build, I was able to ask Eaglemoss to increase my deliveries from 4 to 8 Issues per month. Issue 38 came with 4 mounting brackets for the car to sit on, but they don't hold the car high enough for hover mode. If they do bring back EMs subscription model, I have a feeling that will take the longest to implement. old update: https://mypartworks.com/blog/eaglemoss-bankrupt/ No word yet on any other locations. Some good news and movement (the above may change so please read this as guidance only at time of posting). Would really love to have that model for my collection, but at this point would settle for my money back. Thats why I was asking if it is known who is the manufacturer of the parts. The total amount that was charged to my account was 263.55 and that is what I want refunded back. Refresh your browser window to try again. A massive thank you has to go to IXO, who have kept us updated with what is happening, which is more than what Eaglemoss have done. Conversione FERROVIARIO Issue 158 Eaglemoss torna al futuro DeLorean Mondadori. First, please be patient. Thank you so much for your updates! Probably that will work. PCT/IXO makes the DeLorean parts. In either case, I had added what I know to this page. Or give a refund for the amount wasted on a project that cannot be completed if you do not see info on your model at the partworks site leave a note there and the owner of the site might look into it. Desired outcome: UPDATE December 28, 2022: I spoke with Fanhome and should receive information to share on this development in the new year. Larger batches of these emails should go out to customers shortly. please visit https://mypartworks.com/blog/eaglemoss-update/ for current information on where to go. They said they had to check on that; Ill let you know if I hear anything. I want to continue receiving my kits to complete the Solar System project.. Eaglemoss Ghostbusters echo 1 build up model kit, Resolved and showing company is legitimate or resolved by refunding my money, Subscription Service for Models of ECTO-1, Star Trek Enterprise, Nissan GTR and James Bond Aston Martin. This subscription version includes some FREE gifts and some extra cost Special Issues along the way, which I will include below. Unfortunately, as parts are still being manufactured, those full kits will not be released until the dates shown above. Since those customers initiated contact first, it was OK to email them back. I suspect that the "backorder" bit will be permanent. I have never had such a bad experience in customer service any where! Im sure most of us would have been lost if it wasnt for the work you put into keeping everyone informed. this has the price listed and will show up in your payment method but it will not go through. Thank you and happy building. Copyright 1995-2023 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. If youve paid for any undelivered special items, please contact your payment provider for further advice. I from my Front order with number [protected] from 14.02.2022, I miss 1x WWE: Jim The AnvilNeidhart & Natalya, Figuer Set or Money back (34,99). Invoice ID I got two deliveries this month, but ran into Issues 74-77 delayed: I finally got my hands on missing issues, both from the Facebook group and Amazon Japan, so time to catch up: And with that, the build is complete! I want the figures or money back 379,98) though all subscriptions are on hold until they fix the issues they have right now [they have not disclosed information on the reason]. Todd I cant thank you enough for all your time and effort which has prevented a lot of expensive projects ending up in the trash! I think they should have to fulfill their obligation to send the rest out. I just want to thank MarvelPhx again for doing all of this. Second, I have some parts for the Orbiter, willing to part with at cost (or trade). Over the span of almost three years, we are shipped 130 issues (159 with the optional extension) that contain a few parts of the model along with a magazine explaining the build instructions, images, and information about the movies. My emails were never answered and my money has not been returned. What this show is how poorly ran Eaglemoss was and how deceptive they were, they lied to their customers, they lied to their producers, they didnt even bother to tell the very people who bought their collection that there were gaps in the supply chain , and wrong parts issued . As of today 8/12/22 the notice of intent filed by EagleMoss in the UK is officially accepted. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Eaglemoss build - Back to the Future Delorean 1/8 Scale Issues 1-62 at the best online prices at eBay! Back to the Future is a trademark and copyright of Universal Studios. hope that means ill get ecto1 access soon. Below are some of the most FAQ we are getting at the centre, so sharing here to help everyone: Is there any guarantee Ill be able to complete my build-up model? Included with this email is a link to an online Google Form containing a short survey. At Fanhome, we have the official licenses, so we are committed to providing you with every single delivery, from the first to the last, no matter which one you start with. Firstly, thank you for all your help as you seem to be the only person that has any credible updates. Ben Robinson (@BenCSRobinson) tweeted a few more nuggets of info today regarding both our partworks and the Starship Collections. i'm only halfway done with my model. the 2nd one has the paid request and tracking number of your shipment. These codes should be ready by the end of February. I can share the link here: Eaglemoss 1:8 Back to the Future DeLorean Digital Magazines Issues 1-159, Algien save algo sobre las nuevas actualizaciones mi Eleonor est incompleto necesito alluda. Im in the midst of the Enterprise build, and you have genuinely made a positive difference in my life. Refund and/or all remaking kits needed to complete build. if not then you did not pay them yet. Notes - Delivery *Estimated delivery dates include seller's handling time, origin ZIP Code, destination ZIP Code and time of acceptance and will depend on shipping service selected and receipt of cleared payment.

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